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Apple iPhone 11 Review

Updated: Mar 25, 2020

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In this review This review we'll discuss the iPhone 11's camera, display, performance, design and of course battery life. The iPhone 11 is the successor to the popular iPhone XR. While the design of the phone has remained pretty much the same, Apple has done a very good job of altering the engine room of the phone - namely the A13 chip set which we'll get to later.


The iPhone 11 boasts two new excellent cameras at the rear of the phone. These include a wide angle 12-megapixel optical image (OIS) main sensor with an f1.8 aperture alongside a 12-megapixel ultra wide camera.

The ultra wide option allows you to pack a lot more content and scenery into your shots making it ideal for landscape pictures.

Further additions to the camera include a 4K60 video recording mode, improvements to the smart HDR feature and also a new built in Night mode which enhances the picture when lighting is poor.

This new feature is fantastic allowing you to get clean and crisp photos with extreme detail in less than ideal lighting conditions.

Pictures taken in normal lighting conditions are also of course excellent. Dynamic range is better - there is no doubt that there is a clearer definition between the lightest and darkest aspects of a picture compared to pictures taken with the older iPhone models.

The video quality of the iPhone 11 is second to none. Both cameras allow you to shoot up to 4K60fps, with very well balanced tone and colour.


As mentioned previously, this new model retains the same look and feel of the iPhone XR . The weight is also the same at 194g and it is 8.3mm thick - again just like the predecessor iPhone model.

The iPhone 11 has an aluminium frame and a glass back. Apple has gone on record by stating it is the toughest glass on any smartphone - both at the front and back of the phone. Now, that's not to say that the glass won't crack upon sufficient impact - as I'm sure there is plenty of evidence already of disgruntled iPhone 11 owners who have suffered this fate.

The water resistance has now been increased to IP68, which matches the iPhone XS. This basically means you get water resistance up to 1.5m deep for up to thirty minutes.

The design difference is most apparent when you look at the rear cameras. Both camera sensors are visually larger and stand out. It doesn't look like Apple was trying to blend the cameras in, but rather consciously make them stand out as part of the new design. A matte square border has been placed around the camera sensors making the camera design look all the more elegant.

Similarly to the iPhone XR, Apple has produced an impressive colour selection for the iPhone 11 which include purple hue, green, and light yellow. White and black also remain as standard colours.


The screen remains the same as the iPhone XR as well. It is 6.1 inches in size and features the familiar Liquid Retina LCD. This makes the picture quality look slightly less sharper compared to capabilities of the iPhone 11 Pro or a premium Android phone. However, the difference won't be obvious enough for most users to dismay them.

The size of the iPhone 11 appears to be just perfect. The screen is large enough without compromising the size and weight of the phone.

The True Tone feature is also present which is useful for altering harsh dues. The screen can be activated by raising it or tapping at it.

Battery life

Apple has claimed that the battery life of the iPhone 11 is long enough to last users all day. This claim appears to be true and then some. Casual users will be able to get a day and a half out of the iPhone 11 battery on a single charge. Users that enjoy shooting videos and snapping photos might not enjoy a battery life that goes on for so long - but certainly will be able to get from morning to evening on a single charge.

The charger that's provided in the box could be better in terms of how quickly it charges the iPhone 11. Apple includes a standard 5W charger, compared to the 18W charger that's included with the Pro model.

To illustrate the point a little more - the 5W charger will get your iPhone 11 from 0% to around 13% in 30 minutes. In comparison, the 18W charger will get the Pro model to 38% in the same amount of time. A slight hindrance for iPhone 11 users, but by no means a deal breaker.

Wireless charging is also an option for the iPhone 11 if you can get your hands on a compatible Qi charger.

Overall, although the battery life of the iPhone 11 is not as good as some of its competitors, it is still hugely impressive and will be more than sufficient for most users.


Now we move on to the engine room of the iPhone 11. The iPhone 11 is operated by Apple's A13 Bionic chipset, and has 4gb of RAM. Combined, this technology ensures that the iPhone is able to function at rapid speeds.

Certainly, the new chip ensures that the iPhone 11 operates faster than any other Android phone on the market at the time of its release. This has remained the trend for years when we look at the Apple v Android debate. Much like the iPhone 11's predecessors, expect the phone to remain and feel just as fast for years to come.

Apple has integrated a 'spatial' audio feature to mimic surround sound. The feature has been added to make it appear as though sound is being emitted from all around the iPhone 11, as opposed to just the speakers at either end. A nice addition indeed, but not quite at the same level of surround sound at the moment.

The Face ID feature has been said to work even faster this time by Apple - even though there weren't any real issues with the speeds in previous iterations of the iPhone. Face ID does indeed remain a fast and responsive feature in the iPhone 11, and it also works at more acute angles compared to older models.

A new U1 chip has been integrated into the iPhone 11 which makes AirDropping feel more streamlined and easier to use.

On the downside, the iPhone 11 doesn't currently feature 5G support (and neither does the Pro or any other current iPhone model). The cheapest version of the iPhone packs 64GB in storage. Although this is pleasing for those who may want to save some money on their purchase, it isn't ideal for those users that want to store a lot of 4K videos, music and games etc. The iPhone 11 is also available in a 128GB and 256GB for anyone who is willing to spare some extra cash.

iOS 13

iOS 13 is the latest version of Apple's operating system which can be used on the iPhone 11.

One of the hallmark features of the current iOS is the addition of Apple Arcade. This feature allows you access to a buffet style gaming service where you get unlimited access to around 60 games (and counting). These games are only available through a subscription model - much like the Playstation Now service that Sony offers for the Playstation 4. The available games can be played offline which will be welcome news to gaming enthusiasts.

Now onto the much anticipated and requested Dark Mode. This mode turns the user interface elements to dark greys and blacks across Apple's Native apps. These include Maps, iMessage, Mail and News for example. Third party apps are also able to integrate their own Dark Mode features onto their apps as well.

iOS 13 now brings 3D views of cities in the Maps app. Tweaks have been made to the editing features of Photos as well, allowing users further freedom to alter their pictures as they see fit.

The Verdict

The iPhone 11 is a fantastic smart phone packed full of intuitive and useful features that is sure to delight Apple fans across the globe. Unless you're particularly keen on the zoomed photo lens that the iPhone 11 Pro has to offer, there is no reason you shouldn't opt for the standard model over the Pro.

If you're thinking of updating from an older iPhone model, you'll notice and no doubt enjoy the plethora of improvements to the camera, battery life, and overall structure of the phone.

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