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Contagion Review

Updated: Mar 30, 2020

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Contagion is one of the top trending movies right now anywhere in the world. Recent events with the rapid growth and spread of the coronavirus have sparked a unique interest in this 2011 movie, and it is easy to see why. Read on for our full review.

Contagion explores the possibility or an airborne virus threatening the planet. The story is told from the perspectives of different characters played by an all star cast. The film transitions back and forth from the perspectives of each of the main characters. We're able to see how the virus spreads and kills people. Chaos ensues, supplies diminish and multitudes of people are placed into quarantine. Sound familiar?

The Good

Without being your typical horror movie, Contagion delivers scares in abundance. Without a doubt , the horror is compounded for viewers by what's currently happening around the world. The idea of how germs can be spread very easily through the things we come into contact with in our every day lives are exemplified by the camerawork. This includes close ups of the things we touch so frequently every day - door handles, mobile phones, cups etc.

These techniques work to bring to the forefront of the viewers attention how bacteria and viruses can be passed from person to person with the utmost ease. This is the main idea the movie clings onto and is successfully able to remind the viewer of time and time again - creating a consistently disturbing vibe.

The casting in this movie is impeccable. Matt Damon is the heart and soul of the entire movie and story. Viewers are able to experience how the virus has impacted and devastated him. We stand right by him as he fights to stop the virus from destroying further lives. There are twists and turns the other characters experience throughout the story adding to the unpredictability of how things unfold. This works perfectly to keep the audience invested and at their edge of their seats.

The Bad

Perhaps the one standout flaw of the movie is that it tries to fit in way too much with all the characters and events that unfold inside a mere 105 minutes. Things can seem a little rushed, and it certainly would have been great to see a few more details of the movie explored a little further. Perhaps a TV series would have been better suited to tell a more intricate story - but the movie by no means fails in its storytelling objective as a result of the medium used.

The Verdict

Contagion delivers a powerful cinematic experience. It will play on all our fears, especially at this point in time should you wish to watch it now. You'll be second guessing yourself every time you touch your face, nose or eyes. Contagion makes you believe that everything that is happening in the movie can happen in real life - and of course we no longer need proof of that today.

Fantastic acting, great atmosphere and a heart stopping narrative will keep you at the edge of your seats throughout the duration of the movie.

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