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LG CineBeam HU Series 4K Projector Review

Updated: Jun 2, 2020

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LG CineBeam HU Series 4K Projector Review: Design

The LG CineBeam projector comes with a plethora of features that include stereo sound, high definition picture, various smart features which are all packed into a very portable unit that you can carry around and take pretty much anywhere you want. The power cable also neatly winds inside the case, adding a touch of extra convenience for users.

4K Projector
LG CineBeam 4K Projector

Set up is quick and easy – as long as you have a small space to rest the LG CineBeam projector, you’re pretty much all set to go at the flick of a switch.

Opening the lid of the LG CineBeam projector reveals the lens with a mirror on the inside. This is designed to allow the LG CineBeam projector to be able to shine competently on different types of positions at varying angles. You can adjust the position of the mirror to reflect it on your ceiling, or any wall of your choice. This is very handy as you can have the LG CineBeam projector sitting in one place at all times but project a picture in different positions based on your preferences.

The focus and zoom features will allow users to produce pictures between 66 and 150 inces easily. These functions can be controlled by the dials that have been placed on the LG CineBeam projector near the lens.

LG CineBeam HU Series 4K Projector Review: Features

LG Cinebeam projector comes with a laser life of 20,000 hours. This basically means you can watch a two hours movie every single day for the next two decades without having to think about replacements.

LG CineBeam projector comes fully integrated with LG’s smart hub. This allows users access to various TV and movie apps such as Netflix, Amazon Prime etc.

Casting content from smartphones, tablets and laptops is also an option here with the LG CineBeam projector. These features are supplemented by an Ethernet port allowing users to use a wired connection if they want to benefit from super fast streaming of content.

Now, moving onto ports – you have two HDMI ports, as well as a USB 2.0 and USB 3.0 port. You can use the USB ports to plug in hard drives and USB sticks to stream media content directly from those devices. The HDMI ports can be used to plug in games consoles, or 4K blu-ray players for example.

LG CineBeam projector can also be used as a standalone speaker unit. There is a 7W per channel built in stereo system on either side of the projector. The projector also benefits from built in Bluetooth – so users can easily connect a wireless speaker or sound bar if they choose to.

4K Projector
LG CineBeam 4K Projector

LG CineBeam HU Series 4K Projector Review: Picture

LG CineBeam projector delivers picture quality which is smooth and sharp in every regard. Colours are depicted brightly and vibrantly and black levels are decent. Most colour tones are depicted in a subtle manner without coming across as strained or unnaturally vivid.

LG’s signature TruMotion technology has been built in to the CineBeam projector. This technology ensures frames are smoothed out to lessen the juddering effects which can be common with a lot of other projectors on the market.

When looking at the fluidity of pictures, it can be said the LG CineBeam projector lacks in this area a little bit. Some pictures come across as more fluid than others. Overall, however, the LG CineBeam projector delivers fantastic picture quality which will impress and satisfy most users.

LG CineBeam HU Series 4K Projector Review: Sound

As the LG CineBeam is primarily a projector, the maximum output of sound can be said to be quite light – which is unsurprising.

Having said that, the sound is clear and dynamic and does get loud enough for an average sized room. Stereo effects are also decent, emitting far off into the distance of either side of the projector.

To gain the full home cinema sound experience, most users may opt to connect a separate speaker or sound bar using a Bluetooth or wired connection. If choosing to go down this route, users will find that the LG CineBeam projector is a solid audio source, transferring sound to external devices seamlessly and boldly.

Connecting an external audio output will allow users to turn up the volume significantly to get better results. Doing this is by no means a necessity, as the LG CineBeam projector holds its own very well in the sound department without additional help.

The Verdict

LG CineBeam projector works very competently as a projector and audio source. Users will benefit from great picture quality and very good sound even without connecting an external audio output source. You really can’t argue with everything on offer here. A great option for anyone looking for a projector to use at home or anywhere else.

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