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Updated: Mar 29, 2020

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Design and Build

The edges of the rear of the TV are impressively thin even by today's standards, and the rear panel has been expertly finished. Although the screen feels thin, the TVs build quality still feels extremely sturdy overall.

The TV comes with one of LG's trademark Magic Remotes. An impressive device, which lets you select on screen apps and options by pointing at the relevant part of the screen. A spinning wheel is also included in the centre of the remote which lets you scroll through the menus very efficiently.

Of course, all the traditional navigational buttons are also available in the remote for those of us who prefer to preserve a more old school approach to TV browsing. Netflix and Prime buttons have also been intuitively integrated for ease of access. A must for the prevalent modern day streaming culture.

Features & Processor

The main selling point of this TV is no doubt the OLED feature. OLED technology ensures that each pixel is capable of producing its own light. This is different from traditional LCD TVs where you have a backlight which shines through thousands of pixels at a time. LGs Alpha 7 processor is in the engine room powering this state of the art OLED technology.

The TV has integrated Dolby Atmos decoding and LGs signature AI Sound feature. This ensures that sound is processed within the TV to ensure maximum output and performance from the built in TV speakers.

LG has stuck with its innovatibe webOS operating system for this TV. This OS offers probably the best voice recognition integration on the market at present which allows Alexa and Google assistant compatibility is supported.

All the standard apps you'd expect in a modern TV are available here as well which include Netflix, Amazon Prime, YouTube etc. Freeview Play is also included which allows access to key catch up TV platforms.

LG has now also added the Apple TV app to their modern TVs, including this one. This is a welcoe addition, as LG lacked this feature for a number of years until recently.

As this is a 65 inch model, you can expect to find 4 HDMI ports, 3 USB ports, as well as bluetooth ans Wi-Fi options in terms of connectivity.

Impressively, this LG TV boasts a HDMI 2.1 option for all 4 of its available HDMI ports. This will be ideal for gamers preparing for the release of the next generation of consoles which may require 4K 120Hz support for optimal gaming experiences.

HDMI 2.1 is also useful for its eARC capabilities. This basically means that when you connect a sound bar to the TV for example, the new cable technology ensures that none of the sound is lost or deteriorated during the transmission process, unlike what can happen with the standard HDMI 2.0 ports/cables you get in most current 4K TVs.

It looks like LG had gamers in mind when constructing this television set. The set supports low latency mode, different refresh rates with 4K, and 14ms of input lag when running in the Game picture mode.

One thing to keep in mind about OLED Tvs in general is that it is still theoretically possible for them to permanently retain images on the screen. However, with the advancements in modern OLED technology, the risk is far less.


The setting up process with the modern day LG TVs is pretty much seamless. The default viewing option for most people would be the Standard picture mode. This setting allows for just the right amount of vividness in colour and optimum HDR performance.

For an optimum viewing experience, it is recommended that users turn off noise reduction and during 4K and HD playback.

LG's AI Sound mode seems to deliver better results than the Dolby Atmos mode, which can be turned off. On the downside, LG's AI Picture Mode is not as good - producing extra vivid colours which can be jarring and take away from the viewing experience.


This LG TV performs very well when it comes to adjusting black levels. A tremendous amount of detail is generated on screen in the darkest part of the picture - something that will be appreciated by most film viewers.

Picture quality is both sharp and bright in 4K and UHD mode, and tones look balanced and natural across the screen - for example when displaying skin tones.

The colours this TV produces are bold. The deeper black levels this set is capable of producing gives further colour to contract rich pictures. This colour boost can give the impression that this LG TV is outperforming some other more expensive 4K TVs on the market.

The audio on this LG TV set is very good - so long as you use the AI sound mode instead of the built in Dolby Atmos sound. The AI sound mode emits a more powerful and dynamic range which enhances the viewing experience dramatically.

Disappointlingy, the Dolby Atmos setting emits sound that is low on impact and dynamics - rendering the AI mode far more effective.

The Verdict

When you compare the LG OLED65B9 to similarly priced competition on the market, it will come out on top in most departments - a truly excellent TV for its price range.

Perhaps you may find other LCD TVs that are sharper or brighter, but on the flip side you'd be hard pressed to find a lot of LVCD TVs that can match the LG OLED65B9 in terms of black levels and contrast. The LG OLED65B9 produces pictures that are refined and subtle and an operating system that is very pro user.

Overall a fantastic TV set which will not disappoint in any area, and will provide users with a very pleasurable viewing experience.

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