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Nebula Mars 2 HD Projector Review

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The Nebula Mars 2 is one of the newest projectors on the market that utilises LED lamp technology. It has a very nice portable design, and functions without the need to purchase any additional devices which is fantastic. This projector is also loaded with Wi-Fi and built in apps that allows users to stream content directly from the machine.

HD Projector
Nebula Mars 2 HD Projector

Nebula Mars 2 HD Projector Review: Build

The Nebula Mars 2 projector has been built with a carry handle which highlights its portable nature. You can take the projector with you on your travels, wherever you may decide to go, with very little to no hassle. The device has a plug and play feel to it which is very welcome – switch it on at the click of a button to find yourself with an inviting home screen loaded with apps and other options.

The Nebula Mars 2 has been built with a fully functional android system, which contains an app store that will allow you to download many apps at your discretion. There’s no Gmail or Google Play, but there is a separate dedicated app store that allows you to browse for your favourite apps to download and install.

HD Projector
Nebula Mars 2 HD Projector

Nebula Mars 2 HD Projector Review: Features

Automation is the name of the game with the Nebula Mars 2. The device has been built with automatic focusing and keystone correction in mind. All users are required to do is select the wall they’d like the image to be projected on – and the Nebula Mars 2 will work it’s magic to optimise the picture quality to the highest levels.

Set up is fuss free. You’re able to watch content in any room without a screen. Turning this projector on and off is as simple as opening and closing the lens cover – literally.

For those that wish to project images from the Nebula Mars 2 from external devices, all that is required here is a connection using the HDMI at the rear of the projector. USB media playback is also supported, and a 3.5 mm jack is also available to round off the connectivity functions.

This projector comes with a refined set of built in speakers. It emits enough sound to fill up pretty much any sized room you can think of inside a home. Albeit the bass depth can come across as a bit limited, however this isn’t too much of a deal breaker considering the clarity in performance generally in the sound area.

A neat feature included with this projector is that it can also be used as a Bluetooth speaker adding yet more versatility to the device. Not many other projectors in the market can lay claim to having such diverse features.

Nebula Mars 2 HD Projector Review: Picture

The Nebula Mars 2 projector is capable of projecting images at 720p, which is of course far better than the standard 480p models that are still pretty much the norm these days for a lot of other projectors.

Users will even see decent results in a partially lit room, as the projector can still display very watchable images in these conditions. The projector comes with only a 300 lumen light output function, so it doesn’t work very well on surfaces that don’t have dense or thick underlayers (curtains for example). No real problems persist when projecting onto a white wall, and you even get decent results on grey backgrounds.

The projector impressively also handles black levels very well. As this is a DLP projector, it can generate more solid and deeper black levels than some of its LCD based counterparts.

On the downside, colour production is where the Nebula Mars 2 falls off a little bit. Skin tones and greenery don’t look as vivid and bold as they could in this modern day and age of technology. Passable but not brilliant in this department unfortunately.

Users will have a choice of colour settings to play around with, but these options are pretty basic and nothing too advanced. There is an autofocus option available, but the optics of the projector could be better and leave a little more to be desired.

The issues pointed out above aren’t exclusive to the Nebula Mars 2. Projectors in general struggle with brightness more so than television sets, and pictures are uniformly lower in resolution for projectors of this price range. Therefore none of these issues should be deal breakers. You still get good sound and picture quality. The device is so easy to use as well that users should have few complaints about their overall experience with the Mars Nebula 2.

HD Projector
Nebula Mars 2 HD Projector

The Verdict

The Nebula Mars 2 projector isn’t without its problems. Colour production could be better and you will need a very dark room to gain optimum picture projection results.

Having said that, the Nebula Mars 2 is a no brainer for anyone looking for a good portable projector. The Android interface is very good providing users with plenty of app support. The autofocus is responsive, and the picture and sound quality are more than good enough to provide users with a decent home cinema experience.

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