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Samsung 43RU7100 4K TV Review

Updated: Mar 25, 2020

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At 43 inches, the UE43RU7020 is the smallest and most affordable 4K HDRTV Samsung has to offer. This could lead some to believe that it may be lacking in features - but I'm pleased to say that is not the case.


This TV set is built almost entirely of plastic - including the bezels, rear panel, and feet. The TV still doesn't feel fragile or cheap however. The texture of the plastic used is top notch all round, and nothing feels or looks like it's lacking in quality.

The feet of the TV stand quite far apart, so if you're thinking of putting it on a stand you'll need a relatively wide surface to stack it on top of. The weight of the TV is 9.6kg, and it will be able to fit on most styles of wall mount that are currently available on the market.

Wherever you opt to place this TV set, it will look very elegant. As much as any pricier TV you may find on the market right now.


The 43 inch version of this TV contains screen resolution of 3840 x 2160. This TV contains an LCD screen which is back lit by LED lights.

You'll find 2 HDMI 2.0 sockets , an ethernet socket for a more stable online connection as well as a Wi-Fi option. There are also a couple of USB ports on hand to accommodate your media playback needs. To round off connectivity, Bluetooth is an option and Apple AirPlay 2 has been included as well.

The picture viewing modes include neutral, Eco mode and also the very popular Game mode to name a few. Another positive for gaming fans is that the TV has a 10ms response time, which means input lag is pretty much non-existent.


It wouldn't be farfetched to say that this TV comes with an interface that is head and shoulders above any similarly priced rival sets - in terms of user friendliness. The interface is clear and simple to understand. It is responsive and straight forward to customise.

Voice control is an option for this Samsung TV set, although most of the control functions of the TV will probably be better served using the remote. On the downside, the remote control this TV set comes with is not the most pleasant to look at. It is very small in size and feels quite flimsy. It may also have a few more buttons than are desired by most users.


The variations and options in picture are where this Samsung TV really shines. It upscales 1080p HD content very well to match 4K levels as closely as possible. The set will fill every single pixel at hand when dealing with the task of upscaling lower resolution material.

Skin tones and textures are displayed very realistically with a lot of detail. Colour consistency is great too and contrast levels kick in appropriately when needed. This holds true whether you're watching a series on Netflix or watching a live sports broadcast where the colour palette is tested even further to good results.

The Samsung TV maintains a strong focus on motion during fast paced sporting events, and boldly maintains the definition of edges.

On the downside, this Samsung does find it challenging to deal with black tone details and distinctions - but not to deal breaking levels I must stress.

Projecting 4K content is this Samsung TVs forte. The colour palette is even more vibrant and accurate . Predictably, the levels of detail produced are truly stunning.

When projecting 4K content, it could even be argued that this Samsung model will give some TVs that are higher in price a run for their money. Black and white colours are balanced well in the same picture, and motion remains crisp while maintaining strong definition throughout

As impressive as the picture quality of this TV is, the same cannot be completely said of the sound unfortunately. Bass seems under amplified, and the overall sound quality seems to lack a certain kick and boldness. Disappointing when compared to the overall quality of the television set.

The Verdict

This is a tremendously designed TV set, which is just slightly let down by the sound output. However, with the superb user interface and general responsiveness of the TV set, coupled with the unrivalled picture quality which is second to none especially where the 4K features are concerned - you really can't go astray by selecting this TV for your bedroom or living room.

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