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Space Force Review

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Space Force is the most recently released bingeable (is that a word?) TV series to be dropped by Netlfix. To get one thing out of the way first, this is not a show like The Office – nor was it intended to be. This is despite Space Force and The Office sharing the same lead actor in Steve Carrell and creator Greg Daniels. So, folks would do very well to not go into this wearing their Office lenses.

Space Force is a satirical take on the subject matter of space exploration and the politics that drives this machine. In this show, the President has a vision to extend the nations war zones into space, something which is poked fun at constantly throughout the series. Without going into plot details, the President is essentially made out to be a goof. Now, I wonder where they got the inspiration for this idea?

The premise of Space Force is that General Naird (played by Steve Carrell) is given the mission of starting a military campaign to put ‘boots on the moon’ by 2024. Naird has a crew of scientists, astronauts and officers working with him. We see Naird try and navigate the political pressures imploring him to bring launch dates forward for his designated mission.

The Good

John Malkovich is a very welcome addition to this show. Malkovich’s Dr Mallory is the Yang to Carrell’s character’s Yin. Both of these guys have great chemistry on screen – and his reactions to Naird’s absurdity works in a brilliantly contrasting fashion. No doubt, Malkovich’s presence makes a huge difference to Space Force, and it wouldn’t be the same end product without him.

The production value of this show has to be commended as well. A blockbuster space movie like production budget has clearly been utilised here adding an immense amount of credibility to the visuals. This element, when coupled and contrasted with the amount of incompetent tomfoolery you see by the characters on screen, adds to the comedy in a strange sort of way.

The Not So Good

Space Force has a tendency to sometimes veer off from the main narrative in traditional network TV style ‘filler episode’ fashion. The jokes in this show aren’t exactly laugh out loud funny, which again many may come to expect based on their experiences with other sitcoms, but they are passable and entertaining enough. Carrell is Carrell when it comes down to it, and still manages to bring out the laughs from audiences when required.

The Verdict

Space Force is certainly a serviceable comedy series, but just falls short of providing belly aching laughs to audiences. The actors all step up and do what they do best, but there is still a lingering sensation of what could have been with this series. A few tweaks here and there, and who knows, Space Force may find its footing in a very probable second season.

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