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The Wrong Missy Movie Review

Updated: Dec 11, 2020

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The premise of the movie plays with the idea of texting the wrong person – sending a text to someone that is meant entirely for somebody else. The Wrong Missy takes that idea, runs with it, and completely blows it up for some quick blast light hearted comedy.

The Good

This is a fun movie. It’s important to get that out there from the start. So, if nothing else, it does its job in terms of entertaining the audience. That much is for sure.

The Wrong Missy is largely a superficial movie – but I feel like that was the point of the whole thing. You can’t tell the desired story in any other way without having a superficial element running through it. The comedy is triggered from the two lead character’s impression of one another on their first date, and their refusal to not judge a book by its cover so to speak.

Lauren Lapkus plays the female lead, Missy. Undoubtedly she has an innate gift for slapstick comedy and really steals the show. With every scene she brings a positive vibe and energy, and immediately enhances the chaotic nature of an already chaotic situation. Tim (the male lead) and Missy, are two completely different people, and the clash of personalities provides some good comedy throughout.

The Not So Good

It definitely does feel like some of the characters in The Wrong Missy come across as one dimensional. Having said that, there are some instances where certain character archetypes are challenged and individuals are reflected in a more wholesome way. To keep that going throughout the entire movie with the premise in question would’ve obviously presented a significant challenge.

Although the characters seem exaggerated at the outset, a lot of humanity does shine through them throughout the duration of the movie. This works to add heart and soul to the entire production.

Most of the movie is told from a male perspective, as viewers will follow the lead male character Tim throughout the story. This may be an issue for some, but not for others – only because Missy comes across as an intriguing and eccentric character. It could have been fun to see things unfold through her eyes on occasion.

The Verdict

While The Wrong Missy won’t be winning any Oscars, those who go into it not expecting too much, will definitely find some light hearted fun for a couple of hours to brighten up their day.

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