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Trolls World Tour Review

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Trolls World Tour is a very unique type of movie. It’s all about music and how we live based on our music choices. It explores the idea of ‘music snobbery’ in terms of how people may run the risk of thinking that they are better than others based on their preferred style of music.

The main characters Poppy and Branch find out that there are a total of six different Troll lands that dedicate their lifestyles to one specific type of music. Our main antagonists name is Barb, who has a master plan to make all the different Troll lands abandon their music choices and conform to a strictly heavy metal lifestyle. Poppy and Branch set out on an adventure to stop this from happening.

The Good

Each different musical land has its own identity and visuals depending on the type of music it pertains to. For example, in techno land, everything is perpetually glowing with a consistent thumping beat in the background. The rock land is full of metallic objects and black is the predominant colour of most things.

This is a very clever way the creators of the movie have brought each land to life visually. It brings the concept of musical identity to the forefront of the audience’s thinking without much explanation or effort – and in turn makes it very easy for the audience to decipher what’s going on. Once introduced to this idea, you find yourself looking forward to what the next Troll land will bring and how it will be depicted visually.

The main theme explored in the movie is an important one for young viewers. The main message that is portrayed throughout the movie is that being a music snob is pointless, as different genres always find a way of meshing together to create new themes and ideas. This is explored by way of the power the main antagonist possesses to attempt to eradicate most forms of music.

The Not So Good

It could be said that there isn’t much room left for the exploration of character dynamics and relationships amidst all the back and forth visual jumps between the different musical lands, so arguably the movie lacks a bit of depth in that respect. As this movie is a sequel, some of the supporting characters fans will recognise from the original movie are also backseat passengers for most of the journey.

Somewhat controversially, the movie also explores the issue of white artists adopting the style of black artists. Although this is done in a light hearted and humorous way, whether or not it was completely necessary will be a matter of individual taste in the end.

The Verdict

Trolls World Tour is funny throughout with good jokes and it has decent songs playing throughout as well. Vibrant and colourful animation is where this movie truly shines, albeit at the expense of some character depth. That aside, it is a very good family movie that everyone at home will find plenty of joy from.

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