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Capone Movie Review

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Capone follows the final year of Al Capone’s storied life. An interesting choice of timeline, as that’s probably the least glamorous period of Al Capone’s story before his eventual demise. Tom Hardy is at the helm playing the role of Al Capone, with interesting results.

The Good

The premise of the movie itself is very interesting just to start off with – audiences are invited in to observe the life of a monumental individual in his final year. This concept, coupled with the fact that the movie is star studded, not least with Tom Hardy playing the lead character, makes for very intriguing viewing.

Although set really late in Al Capone’s life, there are scenes where the movie does well to take viewers back into his past in a visually cunning fashion. For example, there’s a scene where Capone is walking through his mansion and you get to see what happened in the residence in his past, through Capone’s memory. The effect is very seamless, and executed very well. It works to give viewers glimpses of Capone’s formative glory years while not straying away too much from the present.

The Not So Good

There are other areas of the movie that haven’t been executed as well unfortunately. It would’ve been nice to explore the psychological trauma Capone was facing during that time of his life. Subtexts of this nature appear to be non-existent in the movie, and what you see in front of you is basically what you get.

This lack of deeper emotional exploration takes away from the movie, and there is little to no feelings of conflict or disarray created as a result. The movie comes across as soulless and shallow at times which is unfortunate, as there was potential to do so much more here - especially with Tom Hardy’s acting credentials.

Speaking of Tom Hardy, his portrayal of Capone is interesting to say the least. He definitely commits to the role as he usually does with every role he embarks on. It could be said that this time, he may have committed himself a bit too much.

There are definitely scenes where Hardy sucks you in, as he is more than capable of doing, and demonstrates really well the extent of Capone’s mental deterioration. Other times, it appears as though Hardy is guilty of overacting, and his execution becomes campy. A mixed bag of results here for the A-lister.

The Verdict

Although not the disaster a lot of critics are making Capone out to be, it definitely does feel like a missed opportunity in many regards - especially considering what could have been achieved with the cast and concept at hand.

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