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Code 8 Review

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The premise of this movie is that four per cent of the population have developed superpowers. Problems arise when these gifted individuals are discarded by the government and society, and brushed aside as second rate citizens.

Conner Reed (Robbie Amell) is one of these individuals. He is forced to fight for unofficial work in a world where no one is accepting of him. To make matters worse, these gifted individuals are also hunted for their spinal fluid which is used in the narcotics trade. Flying drones and robot soldiers are used to hunt people like Connor. Connor eventually decides that he’s had enough, and teams up with a group of individuals lead by Garrett Kelton (Stephen Amell) to start a new criminal lifestyle.

The Good

The movie comes across as somewhat of a heist flick, gangster movie, and superhero movie all rolled into one. Admittedly the movie manages to balance all three elements pretty well. The director has managed to portray a grotesque criminal underworld, capped off by great performances of cynicism by the two lead actors (who are interestingly cousins in real life).

You’d be forgiven for thinking the movie is CGI heavy based on how it begins. However, the director has exercised good restraint here and chosen to use CGI elements very sparingly. I’m sure this is largely due to the fact that the movie had a very limited budget to work with (it was funded by an Indiegogo campaign). In any event, the restraint used for special effects works very well to highlight the story’s message of how dangerous powers can be – and the consequences for those who use their powers with little foresight of the repercussions.

The Not So Good

The plot is a more than a little predictable as a whole, which takes away from the overall impressive foundations the movie has built with its unique style and the themes it explores.

The Verdict

All in all Code 8 has a lot to offer viewers including an intriguing world, good performances, and an unusual favouring or substance over style for most movies of a similar blueprint.

Judge's Score



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