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Halloween Kills Alternate Ending Will Be Included in Blu-Ray

Fans that purchase Halloween Kills on Blu-Ray will be gifted with an alternate ending to the latest horror slasher movie.

David Gordon Green, the director of the latest Halloween Kills movie, has confirmed that the Blu-ray will include an alternate extended ending when it is released. Halloween Kills is the latest film in the most recent Halloween trilogy. The final installment, Halloween Ends, is set to premiere next year.

Halloween Kills carries on from where the initial 2018 Halloween movie finished. The movie starts off with Michael Myers escaping the burning compound that Laurie Strode trapped him inside in an attempt to end the infamous serial killer’s life once and for all. Halloween Kills is designed to act as a ‘bridge’ between the initial Halloween movie and next year’s Halloween Ends.

David Gordon Green recently sat down in an interview with Collider. In the interview the director reveals that the Blu-ray for Halloween Kills will feature an alternate ending which steers the narrative towards a different direction because Green was going back and forth in terms of what stage of the timeline Halloween Ends was going to start from. Once Green decided on this point, he came to the conclusion that the alternate ending included in the Blu-ray was no longer the right fit. As a result, it was removed from the theatrical cut. Below is what Green had to say:

"This is the director's cut through and through, but there's an additional scene that we filmed that was scripted. And actually I think it's a pretty brilliant scene. So we're going to do an extended version on the DVD, just so people can see an extended ending that's different and cool. We ended up lifting it when I became more confident of where we're going to pick up in the next movie; it felt it didn't feel authentic to where we're going to go. So we lifted it.

I think it was cool in its own right as watching a one-off movie, but knowing where we're going to exactly where we're going to pick up which, you'll know in a year, it wasn't the right look in the eye that we needed to give the audience.”

From the above quote, it seems apparent that the alternate ending won’t necessarily make sense when looking at the trilogy holistically once it is completed. That being the case, it will still be interesting to see what direction the movie could’ve been heading towards before a shift in direction was decided upon. Green did however also make clear that the theatrical version of Halloween Kills is his final vision for the movie, and there was no studio interference which will please die-hard fans. The alternate ending is therefore more of a bonus in the Blu-ray rather than an integral piece of the story.

Green’s latest Halloween trilogy has generally been well received both critically and commercially up to now, and has injected new life and zest into the Halloween franchise that was arguably missing from the many reboots and sequels that have been released over the last 40 years. Halloween Kills is performing well at the box office so far, but we’ll have to wait until next year’s Halloween Ends to see how Michael Myers’ journey comes to a conclusion.

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