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LG B8 4K Smart TV Review

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The LG B8 model TVs benefit from the excellent OLED technology - which is far superior to any LCD model TV in today's market. OLED technology uses individual pixels that emit light, as opposed to a backlight that LCD TVs have. This ensures better contrast and black levels. LG has perfected this technology like no other to deliver the best colour quality and brightness.


The LG B8 model TVs look stylish and sleek. I am reviewing the 55 inch model here, and the measurements of the TV set are 48.3 x 27.8 x 1.8 inches. Most of the TV is actually thinner than 1.8 inches. This measurement is reserved for the lower part of the TV which contains the speakers, ports and circuit board.

The TV set is in fact so thin that you'll probably need two people to shift it around. This isn't due to the weight of the TV - but the fact that the TV is so thin means that it has very little structural support. Attempting to move the TV without adequate manpower may mean you damage the front glass of the screen.

The TV comes with a metal stand that sits underneath it. The stand is also very discreet. It is 22 inches wide and only 9 inches deep. This means that you can rest the TV on a surface which is actually smaller than the overall width of the TV. The TV is also compatible with most wall mounts, should you wish to go down that display route.


This LG TV set comes with two port panels installed at the rear. On the left panel there are three HDMI ports, which includes one HDMI ARC port to enable users to connect speakers and sound bars easily. There is also a USB port which you can use for all your media playback requirements.

On the other panel you'll find another HDMI port and a further two USB ports. There is also an RF connector for your broadcast TV antenna, and a 3.5mm video input port. For those who want to utilise an older surround sound system with the TV, you'll find and optical digital-audio jack there as well.

To complete connectivity, the TV also comes with an Ethernet port for a more solid wired internet connection as well Wi-Fi. Bluetooth 4.2 has been built in to add to the wireless connectivity capabilities of the TV.


Picture performance is this LG TVs main selling point. You get excellent black levels and contrast in addition to fantastic brightness which will rival most other brands' line-up of similarly priced OLED TVs. The resolution on offer here is 3840 x 2160 in 10-bit colour and you'll get an impressive 120 Hz refresh rate.

Fast motion handling can, on occasion, be problematic for this TV set. There can be some juddering and blurring on effects. This is most noticeable when there is a lot going on in the picture at the same time, but you shouldn't experience any obvious repetitive problems in this regard with daily use.

Gaming Performance

The LG B8 is well built and designed to deliver an optimum gaming experience. 10-bit colour and HDR support is available for gaming. Multiple frame rates can be utilised at 24, 50 or 60 Hz.

Lag time, or lack thereof, is very impressive at a mere 21.5 milliseconds.

The level of responsiveness here is truly outstanding and very welcome news for gaming enthusiasts. Gaming colour looks vibrant and bold due to the strong HDR support.


The B8 provides phenomenal sound from its thin frame. It is fitted with a 40 watt speaker which is backed up by a 20 watt subwoofer. The sound is so bold and clear that you probably won't even need to consider investing in a sound bar.

The bass is emphatic and the treble is rich providing users with optimal clarity for both music and dialogue.

For those who do decide to invest in a sound bar, you will be able to utilise the Dolby Atmos support feature which can provide an even more all round immersive sound experience. Although it probably won't be necessary, it's still nice to have the option.

Smart Features

The familiar webOS operating system is back in this iteration of LGs smart TVs. Here you'll find all the mainstream streaming services such as Netflix and Prime video. Additionally you'll also have access to 100s of other apps that you can pick and choose from.

The B8 also has LGs trademark ThinkQ AI built in. This includes voice control functions such as Google Assistant which works similarly to the Google Home smart speaker. It's also worthwhile noting that all Google Home functions are also available for this TV which can be operated by using the push to talk microphone on the remote control.

Remote Control

LG has included its Magic Remote with the B8. This remote offers smart TV navigation tools as well as a motion mouse. This allows easy screen navigation by virtue of a very cool point and click feature. To put simply you just need to point at any part of the screen - an app for example and click to open it. Intuitive stuff indeed.

As mentioned above, the remote control also benefits from a push to talk feature which you can use to operate Google Assistant.

The remote has a full collection of buttons for all of your needs. You have digit buttons that can be used to tap in cable channel numbers in addition to a directional pad you can utilise to scroll through the smart TV menu. Furthermore there is also a clickable scroll wheel that essentially performs the same function as the directional pad - but quicker.

The Verdict

All in all you can't really go wrong with this TV set. On offer is a superb quality display with a fully fledged smart TV experience. Granted the motion handling could be better, but overall all the good features certainly do outweigh the bad in this instance. Another home run in the TV department for LG.


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