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No Time To Die Could Be Delayed Yet Again

Could we see another delay for the release of the much anticipated No Time To Die movie? It certainly looks like that could be the case.

It’s been reported recently that another delay to the release of No Time To Die is absolutely possible at the time of writing. The movie has already been pushed back several times, and currently is slated to be released in October of this year. Other blockbuster movies like Top Gun: Maverick, continue to be delayed due to the effects on box office sales caused by Covid-19. MGM is keen to keep No Time To Die in its current release window of October however, due to the financial implications the studio would face as a result of delaying the movie further.

There are some signs that point towards No Time To Die sticking to its upcoming release window as MGM has already confirmed the world premiere of the movie which is set for late September. During the recent CinemaCon 2021 event, they were also quick to swat away any rumours of another delay to the movie. Another clue that the release date will stick is that the final No Time To Die trailer appears to have been released already, which fits in with the final part of the movie’s marketing campaign trajectory. Holistically all of these elements would suggest that the release date is now a lock on, but it’s being reported that things could still change.

Variety released a report recently analyzing the implications of another delay of the Top Gun: Maverick movie, and there is also an extract that’s been included that concerns No Time To Die. The passage goes on to discuss what could happen if box office numbers do not continue to improve as a whole across the industry in the coming month. The following is an extract from the Variety report:

‘Unless movie theaters witness a notable boost in attendance, insiders believe “No Time to Die” may have no choice but to move. That’s because veteran producers Barbara Broccoli and Michael G. Wilson, who have unprecedented control over the venerable film franchise, are unlikely to allow the 007 adventure to debut simultaneously on streaming platforms, which would cushion the blow from depressed ticket sales. Keeping the 25th installment in the long-running British spy series in theaters, at least at a time when audiences have expressed increased apprehension about going to the movies, remains risky because Bond entries are enormously expensive undertakings and need to generate hundreds of millions in the hopes of breaking even.’

Over the summer we have seen some encouraging signs for theaters as movies like A Quiet Place II, Jungle Cruise and Fast 9 all had healthy showings on the big screen and turned out decent profits under the current circumstances. However the Delta variant has still shaken things up, and audiences seem as apprehensive as ever to attend movie theaters at the moment – a sentiment that hasn’t changed much since the beginning of the year. All eyes will now be on Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings. How that movie performs will likely influence MGM’s decision on whether to delay the release of No Time To Die further.

As No Time To Die is a theatrical exclusive, MGM doesn’t have a streaming platform to boost sales numbers in the worst case scenario. It is therefore crucial as far as MGM is concerned that the movie performs at the theater as well as previous installments in the Bond franchise have. This is certainly a balancing act for MGM. As MGM have rolled out pretty much everything in their marketing campaign for No Time To Die, it is best to strike while the iron is hot and audience interest remains high. If MGM waits any longer they risk losing interest levels and in turn - ticket sales, which could be an even costlier endeavor in the long run. Stay tuned for further updates on how this plays out.

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