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Samsung Galaxy Buds Review

Updated: Mar 25, 2020

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The Galaxy Buds are designed to be a true rival to Apple's popular Airpods. The main selling points of the Galaxy Buds are that it offers a more 'sporty' design, with a wireless charging feature allowing users to charge the case using a Galaxy S10 smart phone of Qi pad.

There are things the Galaxy Buds do very well. They have great audio quality, good noise cancellation and stay firmly in position once placed on the surface of one's ear canal. Perhaps not the absolute best true wireless earphones on the market but certainly a top contender.

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Compared to the AirPods, the Galaxy Buds fit completely inside your ear. The AirPods have a tendency to fall off with too much movement, which is not so much of an issue you'll face with the Galaxy Buds. Noise cancellation is a significant advantage the Galaxy Buds have over the AirPods as well.

In terms of design, the Galaxy Buds are far more subtle, and you can barely notice them when someone is sporting a set in their ears. A stark contrast to the AirPods, where there's no hiding the fact that you're wearing a pair. Whether you want to be seen sporting a pair of wireless earphones or not is of course a matter of individual choice - but a handy but of information to keep in mind if you're deciding which brand to go with.

You'll also find wings on top of each of the Galaxy Buds. This allows the Galaxy Buds to grip your ears firmly to avoid unwanted fall out. This is useful when you've had an intense work out or run where you're prone to producing more sweat.

On the downside, the battery of the Galaxy Buds could be better. Although you'll comfortably manage to get around 4-5 hour play time from a set of fully charged Galaxy Buds, the a fully charged case will only give you a further full charge of your Galaxy Buds once. This is well below that of competing true wireless ear buds on the market unfortunately.


In more positive news, I can safely report that the audio quality of the Samsung Galaxy Buds are better than the AirPods. Max volumes are greater, bass is deeper and treble is more defined. Although better than the AirPods in this regard, you'll probably still be able to find higher quality wireless earbuds from other brands for a similar price.

Connection quality is great as well. I've used these earbuds extensively and have had no instances of the ear buds losing their connection and requiring a reset. Although people have reported connection drop out issues previously, Samsung has appeared to sort this out with various software updates that have been released since the launch of the Galaxy Buds.

The Verdict

The Galaxy Buds offer a gym friendly design , with an exceptional ergonomic design. The addition of wireless charging using the Samsung PowerShare option is also fantastic. The key question for most readers is probably whether or not these ear buds sound better than the traditional AirPods. The answer is yes, they do.

Ultimately, the Galaxy Buds are a noble rival to the Apple AirPods, and will make many buyers more than happy with their purchase.

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