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Samsung NU6900 Smart 4K TV Review

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The Samsung NU6900 smart 4K TV pretty much gives you everything you’d want in a modern day TV without having to break the bank. As an entry level TV, it doesn’t have Samsung’s trademark quantum-dot QLED display understandably. However, it is packed with other features to fill this void including Samsung’s fantastic smart TV platform.

Samsung Smart 4K TV
Samsung NU6900

Samsung NU6900 smart 4K TV review: Price and availability

This TV set is available in different sizes including 43, 65 and 75 inches. Apart from the screen size, each different version includes the same features and performs in pretty much the same way. The same visual design is on show for each different size as well as the number of ports and smart features.

Samsung NU6900 smart 4K TV review: Design

The design of the NU6900 is very classy. The housing is black with a textured finish to add a more premium look and feel. The TV stands that come in the box are also black. These stands to their job well and keep the TV set standing up in a stable fashion.

Here we’re reviewing the 65 inch model of the The TV which measures in at 57.4 x 33 x 2.4 inches and weighs around 55 pounds. It’s recommended that two people join forces when attempting to set up and move the TV. When the feet are attached, the TV set is raised by another 3.4 inches or so. The option to have the TV on the wall is also available. Again, two people are recommended for that job.

Behind the TV you’ll find a few grooves in the housing which is used for managing the cables that you’ll be attaching to your set. These clever additions allow you to have a clean looking TV area by tucking your cables away neatly.

Samsung Smart 4K TV
Samsung NU6900

Samsung NU6900 smart 4K TV review: Ports

You’ll find two HDMI ports at the ready with this TV set. One of these is an ARC port which you can use to plug in sound bars or speakers. If you want the benefit of further HDMI ports, you can always purchase a separate HDMI switch for your connection needs.

Disappointingly, there haven’t been many other ports included with this set. You won’t find a 3.55 mm headphone jack for example. RCA and VGA connectors are also nowhere to be seen so it won’t be possible to plug in older devices that rely on these connections.

You are able to plug in your TV antenna to receive broadcast television. Interestingly an optical audio port has also been included to support older surround sound systems. As you’d expect in a modern TV Wi-Fi and Ethernet options are indeed present. Unfortunately you can’t connect Bluetooth supported headphones or speakers to the TV set which isn’t ideal.

Samsung NU6900 smart 4K TV review: Performance

When it comes to what really matters – performance – this TV set absolutely delivers. You will benefit from a 3840 x 2160 Ultra HD resolution. HDR10+ is also included, which is Samsung’s very own HD range format. Colour and contrast are both handled extremely well. Picture quality is very sharp across the board regardless of whether you’re gaming, streaming or watching cable.

The NU6900 is capable of streaming content at 60Hz which is very good. However, even with those framerates, you do still notice some motion blur during fast scenes. The colours produced on screen are vibrant and bright however – blue skies and green foliage are depicted very boldly.

Other problems also persist with this set when it comes to black levels for example. Black areas are reflected more as dark grey. Bright colours do look very good, but on occasion the TV fails to capture enough detail in scenes that are shot in dimmer lighting conditions.

Night scenes are projected well. Brightly lit objects are highlighted well in the dark due to the NU6900’s great contrast performance. On the downside, as there is a lack of dimmable backlighting, high contrast scenes can sometimes give off a halo lighting effect in the darker parts of an image.

Moving on to gaming performance – the NU6900 supports 4K gaming at 60Hz which is good news for gaming enthusiasts. Unfortunately HDR support for games hasn’t been included. Lag time clocks in at 22.7 milliseconds when using the Game picture preset. Not the absolute best in terms of responsiveness, but there are a lot worse out there.

Samsung NU6900 smart 4K TV review: Audio

A pair of 20 watt speakers are included with this TV set, which should emit more than enough sound to fill a reasonably sized room. Sound is clear even at the highest volumes, with no buzzing noises apparent even when the volume is turned up to maximum.

A sound feature that could be improved in the NU6900 is the bass. A sound bar might be a good option for users that want to experience maximum bass when viewing content.

Samsung NU6900 smart 4K TV review: Remote control

In the box you’ll find a standard looking remote control – nothing too extravagant here. The familiar directional pad is present with four buttons, volume controls, media playback buttons and numbered buttons are also available for channel selection. An old school design has been chosen by Samsung for the remote it would seem, but it does the job so there should be no cause for concern in that area.

Samsung NU6900 smart 4K TV review: Smart TV features

Samsung’s SmartThings interface is in the engine room for this set. It is by far one of the better operating systems out there when compared to a lot other similar priced sets on the market. All the familiar apps are available like Netflix, Prime video etc, and you can add many more from Samsung’s app store. iTunes video playback capabilities have also been included it should be noted, which will no doubt be welcome news to many users.

On the flipside, voice control has been completely omitted – something Samsung appears to have reserved for it’s more pricier sets. To get around this, you can actually connect this set to Alexa, which will let you then use voice control options at your discretion.

Samsung NU6900 review: Verdict

The NU6900 is a solid smart 4K TV, albeit with a few compromises when it comes to features such as a limited port selection and lack of voice control. However, it is still packed with plenty of positives including a sleek design, good picture and great smart functions which definitely makes it a worthwhile purchase for anyone in the market for a new smart 4K TV set.

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