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Samsung QLED Q90 4K Smart TV Review

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The Samsung QLED Q90 series of TV sets are loaded with technology and features that make them able to stand toe to toe with top range OLED TVs. They feature quantum-dot mechanics and precision back lighting with numerous dimmable zones. Smart TV functions are also where the Samsung QLED Q90 shines, in addition to a stylish design and a few capabilities that are strictly available on this TV set alone. Combined together, these features make the Samsung Q90 currently the best Samsung TV set on the market.

The Samsung QLED Q90 comes in three sizes which include 65, 75 and 82 inch screens. All three sizes have the same design features and functions. The only difference between the sets is obviously the screen size itself.

Samsung QLED Q90 Design

The Samsung QLED Q90 is a fantastic looking TV set. It has a finish that looks almost metallic with a textured surface across the rear of the cabinet. The set is very slim indeed. This is in part due to the fact that instead of installing all the connection ports inside the TV itself, Samsung has opted to do this using their signature One Connect Box, which contains all the processors and connection ports.

The Q90 is only 1.6 inches thick, but Samsung has still managed to impressively install four stereo speakers and a pair of subwoofers in the set that allows the emission of 60 watts of sound.

With these audio components, you truly do get arguably one of the best sounding TVs on the market right now. Even when the volume is turned up to max, you don’t get any clipping or sound distortion. Dialogue and ambient noise are easily distinguishable with bold sounding bass.

In the box you’ll find Samsung’s One Invisible Connection cable. This is an 8 foot lead that connects to the TV and allows you to attach all of your home theater devices like soundbars, Blu-ray players and games consoles. It hides the connected cables very well giving the whole TV area a look that’s easy on the eye.

The set comes with a C-shape stand which does weigh quite a bit notably. Although the stand weighs more than 15 pounds, it has a solid metal construction and sits wide which allows the TV set to sit in a very stable way. The stand is 13.4 x 11.2 inches wide. When the TV is resting on the stand, it is raised approximately around 9 inches.

Samsung QLED Q90 Ports

As mentioned before, the Q90 comes with a One Connect Box. This is a stylish looking rectangular shaped box that allows for all the connections to the set. The box can be repositioned at your discretion.

The One Connect Box has four HDMI ports, three USB ports and also an RF connector for antenna and cable connections. An ARC port is also included to allow hassle free connection of a sound bar.

It is worth noting that the TV set doesn’t support older devices like composite video or analog speakers, and regrettably it also doesn’t come with any HDMI 2.1 ports (it only has HDMI 2.0 ports).

To round off connectivity, there is an Ethernet port for those that fancy a wired internet connection. Wi-Fi is also available of course and Bluetooth is an option for connecting headphones and speakers wirelessly.

Samsung QLED Q90 Display & Performance

The quantum-dot display in the Samsung Q90 4K TV allows for superb colour quality, top class dynamic range performance, and rich black levels. The resolution is crisp and sharp. In terms of the full array back lighting, you have more than 400 dimming zones. All of these technological components combined make for a very satisfactory viewing experience.

The Q90 is able to display a range of colours and reflections simultaneously. An excellent balance is maintained at all times between bright and dark areas of the screen. Details are kept clear in the midrange and they don’t get lost to shadows.

The Samsung Q90 has a feature called ‘Ultra Viewing Angle’ which eliminates colour issues when the TV is viewed at an angle. Just another nifty addition to the array of features the Q90 has to offer.

One of the most noticeable features of the Q90 are its video processing capabilities. The Q90 is packed with Samsung’s Quantum Processor 4K, which allows the set to upscale and tweak brightness and sound more than competently. The upscaling functionality delivers cleaner and natural looking images that are better than most other 4K TVs on the market.

The Q90 benefits from a 120Hz refresh rate, which makes motion handling a breeze for the set. You get a crisp picture with zero blurring. Fast paced scenes look fantastic with no juddering or smearing in sight.

Samsung Q90 Gaming Performance

The Samsung Q90 supports full 4k gaming at 60Hz. Content streaming is also supported at 24, 50 and 60Hz. Content is played back with 10-bit colour with HDR support for both streaming and gaming.

A feature called FreeSync is available in the Q90. This essentially lowers lag time using variable refresh rates, which makes this TV ideal for gaming, as it drastically reduces and eliminates input lag.

Samsung QLED Q90 Audio

The Q90 offers an Intelligent Sound Mode. This feature uses the remote control’s built in microphone to listen to sound coming from the TV. It then adjusts the settings to make them optimal for the room the Q90 is in.

Regrettably the Q90 doesn’t have Dolby Atmos sound support through its built in speakers. Dolby Atmos outputs are supported however, so you can always invest in a sound bar to fix this issue.

Samsung QLED Q90 Smart TV Features

Samsung’s smart TV platform gives users a lot to like. It has a wide selection of apps, automated content suggestions based on your preferences, and it also has a low power Ambient mode that puts on screen savers of weather updates and artwork etc when the TV isn’t being used.

The interface of the Samsung Q90 is neat and everything is set out in an accessible way. You can watch a show and browse apps at the same time on the side of the screen. There is also a Universal Guide on offer which offers up content suggestions from across different streaming services like Netflix and Prime.

Another handy addition is the Smart Things feature. This provides users with a dashboard to control smart-home devices they may have connected across their homes. Devices can range from smart thermostats to compatible laundry machines. A very cool feature for modern day households.

AppleTV is also on offer here from Samsung. This means you can stream movies and shows from iTunes as well as different Apple TV+ shows without the need for a separate Apple TV device.

Samsung’s version of Siri or Alexa is ready to serve with the Q90 as well – the Samsung Bixby. You’re able to speak to your television to search for apps and different types of content. In the event that you prefer to use Amazon Alexa instead, you’re able to connect your own smart speaker and go forth with that after pairing it with your Q90 set.

Samsung Q90 QLED Remote

The Q90 iteration of Samsung’s trademark OneRemote is just as impressive as always. The curved-wand style device makes a return here, which is comfortable to hold and a lot narrower than the remotes of competing brands 4K TV sets.

There is a ring shaped directional pad in the middle of the remote, that is surrounded by basic controls such as pause, play etc. You’ll also find a Microphone button for voice interaction and another button for Ambient mode. As a result of the design of the remote, there are no number buttons unsurprisingly. However this doesn’t take away from the functionality of the remote. Users will find that the design and layout of the remote is more than good enough to allow for swift and easy navigation of the Q90 set.

For those that want to access their streaming devices at the press of a button, you’re in luck with that too, as the Samsung Q90 has dedicated buttons for Netflix, Amazon Prime and Hulu.

The Verdict

Without a doubt, the Samsung Q90 QLED is one of the best 4K smart TVs in the market right now. It has fantastic picture quality, a plethora of smart features and a very stylish and sleek design. A highly recommended product for anyone searching for a top of the range 4K TV set.

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