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Scream 2022 Poster Depicts Ghostface In An Innovative Way

A brand new poster has been released for the upcoming Scream sequel scheduled for 2022

An updated poster for Scream 2022 was recently released. The new poster uses tiny versions of Ghostface masks to create a giant sized front shot of Ghostface. Scream 2022 will a be a soft reboot and sequel, and the fifth movie in the Scream franchise. The original Scream movie was released back in 1996 and is considered a cult classic. Wes Craven directed the original Scream as well as every sequel up to 2011. Craven subsequently passed away in 2015. The upcoming Scream movie will now be directed by Matt Bettinelli-Olpin and Tyler Gillet.

Fans of the Scream movies are most familiar with the antagonist of the movies – Ghostface. Ghostface is a serial killer that dons black and white robes and sports a mask which resembles the Edward Munch painting entitled ‘The Scream.’ Different characters have worn the iconic Ghostface costume throughout the many sequels in the franchise, but the actions of Ghostface remained largely the same in all the movies. Ghostface is a calculated, manipulative, unrelenting serial killer and we don’t expect this to change for Scream 2022.

The official Scream twitter account has released a new poster, which shows the Ghostface mask constructed out of numerous smaller versions of the same mask. Funnily enough, the larger image of Ghostface is most visible and can be seen best when the poster is shrunken, however you can see the full sized image below:

Ghostface is of course a given in terms of returning characters for Scream 2022, however we can also look forward to a handful of other legacy characters that will be returning for the ride. Neve Campbell will reprise her role as Sidney Prescott, and Courteney Cox returns as Gale Weathers. David Arquette will also return as Dewey Riley. New faces in the movie include Melissa Barrera, Jenna Ortega, Mason Gooding and more.

The use of several Ghostface masks to depict one giant Ghostface in the poster could be a pre-cursor to the plot of the movie. Can we expect to see a cult of Ghostface killers working under the command of an overall ‘High Chief’ Ghostface? Time will tell. What we do know about the movie so far is that Ghostface will be targeting individuals that are related to the characters of the original movie. There’s not long until we all get to find out what Ghostface has in store next as Scream is due to be released next year in 2022.

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