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The Hunt Review

Updated: Mar 25, 2020

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The premise of this movie is that a group of people considered to be unworthy of living in our modern society are drugged and dropped off in a field where they are hunted for sport by another group of liberals. Throughout the movie, viewers will notice that it does not condone or take sides with either group - but rather proceeds to mock and disapprove of both sides actions equally.

The Good

The best thing about The Hunt is that it explicitly argues that discrimination and hatred is counter productive for everyone in society.

Stereotypes are used to good effect to amplify the attitudes, values and beliefs of people from both the conservative and liberal groups. The conservative are portrayed as the hunted, attempting to do away with and literally exterminate those that attempt to disrupt the status quo.

On the other hand, the liberals are portrayed to be annoyingly politically (and gramatically) correct, and overly sympathetic. These characteristics are prevalent throughout the entire movie for both parties, producing some very amusing moments.

The entire cast does an excellent job in bringing the Left and Right Steretypes to vivid life.

The Not So Good

I found this movie to be quite a jarring experience on two or three occasions. When the movie starts, viewers are led down a path to believe the whole movie may be about the actual 'Hunt' where we'll see a battle to the death between the conservative and liberal groups. However, the movie shifts it's focus and overall narrative another two times throughout its 85-90 minute runtime.

An identity crisis for the movie of sorts perhaps. However, you get the idea there was a reason the writers chose this as a design for the movie. There were several different themes they wanted to get across to the audience by shifting approach at intervals. Whether this was the best way to achieve this objective is perhaps a different conversation.

The Verdict

Ultimately this movie ends up being a very satirical take on modern day American politics. The hatred between the conservatives and the liberals in the United States is highlighted, albeit in a very extreme fashion. The disdain between these two groups is brought to life and explored in a grim and unforgiving manner. Over the top? Perhaps. Entertaining for around 90 minutes? For sure.

Judge's Score


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